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Yellow patches on a well-maintained lawn can be an eyesore. These unsightly yellow spots can be a sign of pest infestation, poor soil quality, or a fungal disease. It is imperative to fix this issue to have your lawn looking healthy and neat. Hiring a landscaping expert can help a great deal. That said, here are some aspects that could contribute to yellow spots and the measures taken to mitigate lawn yellowing.

Possible Causes of Yellow Spots on Your Garden

Soil Compaction

Soil compaction can result in yellowing of grass. If there is too much traffic on your lawn, this can dealing with soil compactionlead to soil compaction. If this happens, roots cannot penetrate into the ground which limits the quantities of nutrients they take from the soil. More to this, this will deter useful water and nutrients from penetrating into the soil. To address this problem, moisturize the ground and then use a core aerator or a fork to soften the ground.

Chemical Burns

Adding too much fertilizer on the ground can result in yellowing of grass. Besides, accidental spills of herbicides and gasoline can lead to yellowing of grass. To address this problem, you should avoid filling pesticide containers in the garden. If the damage is already done, spray pure water on the yellow spots as soon as you can, and if the grass is already dead, reseed the affected portion.

Too Much Mowing

Too much mowing can also result in yellowing of grass. Remember that leaves supply the roots with food. Without the right amount of leaves, the roots are bound to be starved, which would mean that the plant will have to dry up. To avoid this, you should cut the grass at its optimal height and use a different mowing direction every time you cut grass.

Pet Urine

pet on grassAllowing your pets to spend time on your grass, especially dogs can result in yellowing of grass. Urine contains nitrogen, and this is the cause of yellow spots. The solution to this is to train your dog to urinate or pee in rocky areas or some designated spot. At times, you can spray your lawn with chemicals that minimize the effect of urine on grass.

Other reasons that could result in yellowing of grass include; pest infestation, diseases, lack of nutrients, and poor sunlight. If you notice some unsightly yellow spots on your garden, it is advisable to consult a landscaping expert.