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Hard water has many negative effects on one’s overall health. Besides affecting one’s health, it may also destroy one’s plumbing system through the deposit of minerals which build up in the pipes and other water appliances. This has made people look for means of softening hard water to enjoy the benefits that come with using soft water. Here are the various ways to soften hard water

Different ways to soften hard water

Use of a water softener

factoryWhen using a water softener, the water passes through the softener. The water softener is made with ion exchange technology which traps the minerals that damage home appliances as well as the pipes. The softener may be put at the point where the water enters your house to ensure the whole house has a supply of soft water. This involves using a softener that will serve your water softening needs for longer since one is in constant need of soft water. If you would like to see a reliable water softener, check Fleck 5600SXT review from the web for more details.

Boiling water

This is also one of the ways of softening hard water. One is expected to boil water for cooking, washing and even drinking. Boiling the water not only makes it soft but also kills any germs that may be in the water making it safe for drinking. Once the water has boiled, it is then left to cool, and the scum is removed to get rid of the impurities from the water. The other alternative would be letting the water cool hence the impurities will settle below, and one gets the soft water. This is, however, a time consuming and a very expensive method of softening water.

Using lime or washing soda

The lime is put in big tanks of water. After a few days, the impurities which make the water hard would then be distilled at the bottom while leaving the soft water on top. However, this is still a time-consuming method since one will have to wait for several days before they get soft water for use.

Adding ammonia to washing water

This is one of the temporary methods of softening hard water used for cleaning. When using hard water to wash, one will notice that the water does not lather easily. Adding ammonia or lye to the water makes the water to foam easily. The disadvantage is that since the impurities are not removed from the water, they may end up affecting the durability of one’s clothes.

Using filters

filtersOne may also use filters on taps in their kitchen or bathroom. This will help in making the water foam easily while at the same time reduce the buildup of scum and lime scale on the sinks. It is important to note that this will not remove all impurities from the water neither will it elongate the lifespan of one’s heating and plumbing systems. It is more of a temporary measure.

From the above ways of softening hard water, it is clear that using of water softeners is the only viable option. It is less expensive and does not need a lot of time. The others are more of temporary methods.